Sheree reads at Little Harbour Little Free LibraryTo the Staff at New Glasgow Library and to the Adopt-a-Library Program:

We’d like to thank all involved in the New Glasgow Adopt-a-Library Program.

When the Little Free Library was opened here in Little Harbour, I set out children’s books in the lower quarter section of the library. This turned out to be the most popular section for books taken. We were happy to see that children were taking the books... but as a result, that section was diminishing . My husband (who built the Little Library) called the New Glasgow Library, who responded by getting together a whole box of brand new children’s books for us.

I check the library every day or so, and have been able to continually replenish the children’s section, thanks to the Adopt-a-Library. Since adults tend to bring extra books to overflow, we are glad to keep the children’s section topped up exclusively with Children’s books. And we still have some to insure that this section remains viable.  

Sincere best wishes with your program. I think it’s great!
And thank you so much for your help,

Dawn MacNutt, Sculptor, RCA
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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